Please Pray for the Chapman Family

I have no words to explain how sad this news makes me feel. Please pray for the entire Chapman family.

I know that with grief this intense and unexpected one never "gets over it". Somehow, we just get THROUGH it.

".... though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil....."

Please pray God's comfort for all of their family.

All I wanted was a car.....

That's the title of a song on the newest Brad Paisley album (Fifth Gear)......

While that title is soooo true of ME at her age, our oldest daughter is way beyond that stage of thinking only about her first car. This is a young woman who has a plan and lots of goals ahead of her, don't ya know!

All the same though, she IS very very HAPPY about that new car!

Take a look at these pics and see if you don't agree that the fun loving, fashion conscious girl in her won out over the practical side.

I loved seeing her drive it and loved even more the way my own "adventure loving side" felt while I was riding in the back with the top down going down the interstate with the radio blaring!

Come on over, we'll give ya a ride! Maybe you'll find some of that fun loving attitude inside you, too!

Forever Faithful

You know that feeling when it seems that one more painful situation just keeps piling right on top of the last? Sometimes it feels like the speed of painful events just takes away even your ability to breathe.

I hope I remember this song next time my life gets that way. I know I'm not in control of those painful situations and I'm only trying to fool myself when I try to take the control for my life circumstances out of God's hands.

I struggle and struggle, only to remember (once again) that I am not able to "help God" even one little bit.

How about you? Listen to the song and I hope you can remember this song next time your life feels like this....

Grandparents with some of the Grandkids

Grandparents with some of the Grandkids
Becky's parents with most of the grandkids

Jim's High School Picture

Jim's High School Picture
My goodness, we were so young!

Becky's High School Picture

Becky's High School Picture
Would you look at that red hair! Thank You, Lady Clairol!