And the beat goes on....

(With all apologies to Sonny & Cher for borrowing that title today, the song just keeps going thru my head all day)

Update: Doctor visit today went well. She's a nice gal, very common sense and takes time to visit with you. Dr. Kristin took one look at me and said to me "Wow, you don't feel good at all, do you?" Did the normal diagnostics and miscellaneous questions and diagnosed me with a mega Sinus Infection. Given the normal course of antibiotics and rest, I should be fine in no time.

Lizzy (aka Liz or Lil Sis to one brother) came along to meet the doctor, having heard many good things about Dr. Kristin. Liz is considering which career she will study for (aside from the motherhood and wife career she's been training for the last 7 years or so). Medical field really appeals to her and she might just end up in some doctor type profession eventually. Her youth minister's wife is a Physician's Assistant and we know lots of medical profession folks so she's got a lot of input from folks about that field. She'll probably at least go to the local Vo-Tech next fall if not sooner, as they have some prep classes for the medical arts which would allow her to get her feet wet without spending money on college expenses just now. She'll be out of high school in a little less than 12 months so now is the time to start making some sort of plan for the near future. The planned mission trip for next summer is sure to be a big factor, too, as she is feeling called to be involved in missions in some personal way.

On the way home from the pharmacy, Liz was only too happy to "drive for me". She got her permit a while back and actually would have had it earlier if we hadn't been so busy with summer camps and such. On reflection, she is really not a bad driver. Actually she's probably a hundred times better than I was with the same amount of experience. The true issue is that I am a control freak and only trust about 3-4 people in the world to drive me safely, one of them being my husband. (I'll let you guess who the other folks are, wouldn't want to offend anyone!)

All this reminded me of my own time in driver's permit territory and hearing those stories of how my parents and grandparents learned to drive. (Most of them even learned to drive safely!) The recurring theme of new generations learning the same old things in turn inspired the theme song for tonight's post, The Beat Goes On by Sonny & Cher.

I'm guessing those wise (?) 60s philosophers Sonny & Cher didn't even know how wise they really were. (Okay, maybe no one else did either, but it's a valid thought.) Others through the ages have said "There is nothing new under the sun." and other such sayings.

Those 60s & 70s retro outfits are back and the songs from that era just seem to wander into my thoughts as my "babies" have grown up. They're really not babies anymore, in many cultures they'd be considered full fledged adults. I don't even begin to understand all the ways and reasons, but I know part of why my "chilluns" are often more mature than many of their same-aged peers is that we have always had the philosophy "We're raising adults, not children."

All those thoughts go through my mind as I hear Sonny sing "Grandmas sit in chairs and reminisce..."and Cher sings "Boys keep chasing Girls to get a kiss."

Click on the link to the video and listen along with me. Maybe you'll be a bit reflective, too. Because the beat does go on.... and the world keeps turning as we all get older. Let's hope you and I are able to leave a more lasting and beneficial impression than even Sonny & Cher.
And the Beat Goes ON.....

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Grandparents with some of the Grandkids

Grandparents with some of the Grandkids
Becky's parents with most of the grandkids

Jim's High School Picture

Jim's High School Picture
My goodness, we were so young!

Becky's High School Picture

Becky's High School Picture
Would you look at that red hair! Thank You, Lady Clairol!