What's more Silver- the Anniversary or the hair?

In the past quarter century, we have been living a mostly quiet life in central Oklahoma. Oh, we haven't ruled out living anywhere else, it's just worked out that way as we have grown up here and have family ties and history.

Where God will lead us in the future is unknown, but we do know that we have a great life here. The "standard of living" is less expensive here and I've been blessed to be a stay-at-home wife & mom for over 24 years. (I worked outside the home for almost a year.)

Now I work from here at home, and the opportunity is being laid in front of me to choose to continue that venture with it's blessings and advantages, as well as it's draw-backs, or find a career outside the home which could lead to different advantages and blessings and the accompanying draw-backs.

After many weeks of prayer and thought, I'm at an impasse. I thought God was leading me to do one thing, then when I had prayed and asked Jim what he thought, he said he knew it was up to me to decide (thanks, hunny!). Pray some more, wait and it looks like God is saying to make a specific choice. Rather, it looked like God was making the decision for me.

Monday I got a call that seems to indicate maybe God is not done with me making that first choice after all. Maybe what I thought was God's will is now being offered as a different choice. Maybe it's all in the timing.

SO, what would you do?

Choice A: You make a nice living with room for more pay working from home for 30 hours per week and pay for your own college courses to work toward a nursing degree
Choice B: Earn about the same working away from home for 40 hours per week with opportunities for advancement and educational expenses for that college degree.
Choice C: Something I have not thought about yet. (if you pick choice C please explain?)

Tell me- What would you do? Lemme know in the comments?

Thanks and I really appreciate the prayers for wisdom and discernment that you can offer.
Here's a shot of us on our wedding day, now 25 years ago, October 23, 1982.
Now on our silver anniversary, we have more silver in our hair and even less hair for one of us. (I'll let you guess which one of us has the silver hair and which has less hair than in 1982!)


ange said...

What would enable you to serve the Lord the best? What are your motivations for working? These are just a few of the things I am thinking. Does your hubby like you home or is it ok for you to be gone more during the day? What is your husband's love lango because that could be affected by the job change ie. how much time you have to devote to him.
I will be praying for you and for this decision.
Sometimes you just have to stepout in faith to see where God will direct the next step :)
sorry I am not much help

Ellen said...

I wear similar shoes these days as I ponder the same questions. Do I leave the nest or remain within...is really the one I wonder. I know I persoanlly have reached a milestone in my life, a fork in the road, as I entered "50", the time I always used as a goalpost...when I grow up I will... I can see a path ahead. But I also know I am not done here yet, prolly never will be. As I transition myself into this next season, I don't want to lose sight of my true vocation as wife/mother. HE provides the means for me to grow, daily I might add, as I continue to walk my path. My greatest struggle at this point is cutting of strings. I am learning to let them go their way, still holding tightly to the heartstrings I am allowed to hold. But they have to begin to cut theirs to me...I can't always JUST BE and yet I will ALWAYS BE.

SO my response to you is to define your vocation, and then your job, and then prepare yourself for the next journey. HE will provide the rest.


Grandparents with some of the Grandkids

Grandparents with some of the Grandkids
Becky's parents with most of the grandkids

Jim's High School Picture

Jim's High School Picture
My goodness, we were so young!

Becky's High School Picture

Becky's High School Picture
Would you look at that red hair! Thank You, Lady Clairol!